Message from Chairman Todd Hall


So much effort, so much hard work, so many outstanding volunteers knocking on doors, making phone calls, putting up signs ... culminating in one spectacular evening.  "Thank you" barely scratches the surface.

President Donald Trump ran a campaign based on a simple slogan - Make America Great Again.  He spoke of rebuilding our nation's industrial might.  He talked about changes to the tax code that will provide incentives for success, not penalties.  He reminded us of our potential for greatness.  Not that we are great, but that we can be.

Rest assured that our work is not finished.  As Thomas Jefferson said, "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty".  We must remain ever vigilant to ensure that promises made are promises kept.

To that end, I ask that you continue to stay involved,  continue to engage our local leaders, and continue to work with our county party to help us lead the way to greatness together!

The Butler County Republican Party is one of the most successful and active GOP organizations in Ohio.  Please join us by calling (513) 893-5292 or by email at        

3431 Princeton Road, Suite 100

Fairfield Township, Ohio 45011

(513) 893-5292