Nancy Nix

County Treasurer

Kasich-Taylor for Ohio

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Josh Mandel

Treasurer of State

Cindy Carpenter

County Commissioner

Federal and State

Butler County

Mike Pence

Vice President of The United States of America

Greg Wilkens

County Engineer

Roger Reynolds

County Auditor

Dave Yost

State Auditor

Jon Husted

Secretary of State

T.C. Rogers

County Commissioner

Warren Davidson

US Congress, Ohio 8th District

Donald Trump

President of The United States of America

Lisa Mannix

County Coroner

State Senator Bill Coley

4th Senate District

Danny Crank

County Recorder

Michael Gmoser

County Prosecutor

Mike DeWine

Attorney General

3431 Princeton Road, Suite 100

Fairfield Township, Ohio 45011

(513) 893-5292

Rob Portman

US Senate, Ohio

Mary Swain

Clerk of Courts

Donald Dixon

County Commissioner