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Announcing Big News!
The Southwest Ohio Republican Party Chairmen Challenge 
Will Butler County be the champion?
November 2018 is a very important election. For Ohio to stay red, Southwest Ohio needs to turn out big. We are the Red Wall that protects Ohio from that Blue Wave.
In response, four big Southwest Ohio Republican Party Chairmen - Jeff Monroe in Warren County, Alex Triantafilou in Hamilton County, Todd Hall in Butler County and Greg Simpson in Clermont County - have laid down a major challenge to each other over the next seven weeks.
These four chairmen are pitting against each other to see which county can do the most voter contacts through the Ohio Republican Party Advantage system (Door to door voter visits and phone calls).
Each Friday we will share the results to see who is getting it done!
Join the team on Facebook for updates on the Challenge.  The Chairmen and Candidates will be sharing what they are doing on the ground.
Here is how you can get involved, help all of our Republican Candidates, and take your county GOP to victory in the first SW Ohio Chairmen Challenge!
How to get involved!
Contact your county's Ohio Republican Party Field Organizer (see below). Your Field Organizer will give you a login to our Advantage System and a bit of training on how to use it.  This is a computer, tablet or cell phone app system. Any device will work. It is 100% private and computer-based. No one will ever see your phone number.
Make Contacts from home or from one of the GOP Offices: With this login, you can make phone calls at one of our phone banks or make calls from home. The login is also used to go door to door. You can meet up at one of our door to door organizing locations or you can go door to door on your own time in your neighborhood.
For the challenge, each door is equivalent to 6 phone calls.  Knocking on a door is more time consuming and makes more of an impact.  So we are weighting phones to door -  6 to 1 in the scoring.

Get involved.  Make a difference and elect our Republican candidates.  Share this challenge on Facebook or anywhere online with your friends. https://www.facebook.com/GOPChairmenChallenge
Persistence over Resistance.
Butler County Contact to get a login Chris Rezac, Butler County ORP Field Organizer 513-889-8785 | crezac@ohiogop.org
Butler County Phone Bank - Butler County GOP Office 
When: Thursdays 6-8pm
Where: 3431 Princeton Rd, Hamilton, OH 45011.  In Bridgewater Falls Mall, behind Party City.
Door to door Organizing Location for Butler County – Butler County GOP Headquarters
When: Saturdays. 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Where: Butler County Republican Party Headquarters. 3431 Princeton Road Hamilton, OH 45011 | In Bridgewater Falls, behind Party City.

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